Heal your deepest wounds, 

behind depression, anxiety and sadness



Are you ready to feel whole again?
Are you ready to feel finally healed?
Are you ready to experience how love can melt away trauma and anxiety.
Are you ready to stop feeling powerless?

The path to deep happiness is self awareness, and in this self-awareness you then have choice

Are you ready to undercover the magic that is hidden inside you?

Are you OPEN for more love, happiness and abundance right now?

 Are you ready to take the journey deep into your soul?


Discover how to apply meditation, mind body energetics, self hands on healing to overcome the hardest times in your life. Call upon these practices everyday over and over again. Merge the practices of awareness, intuition, self care and going deep within the heart from the ancient teachings used over 5000 years ago to heal the unseen wounds, trauma, anxiety and everyday stress.

Through out this training your will learn and study yourself. You will  learn how to sense and feel your energy within, quiet your mind, use your heart to heal, understand your desires, listen to your intuition, work with your energy centers, redirect your breathe, connect to your true self - SPIRIT and redirect energy through yogic movement.

Learn how to create daily ritual,  practices, self care routines for yourself and how to use your practice to overcome difficult days or even to grow more in your spiritual journey. 

Delve into your everyday life patterns, your mindset, your emotions and understand how fear, or insecurity or wounds may be still be present today from the past. Knowing this you will have a better understanding on where to direct your practices, and no longer be in the dark of yourself therefore breaking the cycle of repeated suffering, anxiety and old trauma.

A Return to soul was created from my own true story of living from a very disconnected place to a life beyond what I ever thought was possible. In this program it will be an intimate group of 12 women and you will take a journey within remembering who you are, opening your heart to receive soul guidance, and transforms.

As you go through this journey, you will recharge your soul and grow spiritually. 


As a soul that is committed to their self- healing you can:

  • Heal yourself 
  • You have the ability to see, sense and turn inwards to resolve anxiety, wounds and difficult times in your life.
  • You will have the ability to start sensing your true self at the Soul level, and unlock the truth about what you need.
  • You will be able to call upon your meditation and spiritual practices when you need it.
  • You will heal the wounds behind depression, anxiety and trauma
  • You will step into your power, lose your fear, and let go of old life patterns that are intruding in your life.
  • You will learn to follow and trust your own intuition.
  • You will direct your life in a way that is satisfying to you.
  • You will learn to love deeper in your relationships and yourself.
  • You will have a deep awareness and live more in the present time.
  • Gain control over negative emotions.
  • Calm the mind
  • You will be happier and more at peace.

Let me show you how to start creating what you long for so deeply..

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Topics included in your journey:

  • One private healing or coaching sessions with me  
  • Guided practices of awareness meditations
  • Group rituals and ceremonies for abundance, strength, self care and love
  • Group healings
  • Guided yogic movement routines
  • Group intuitive exercise
  • Ceremonial celebration soulful kits
  • Yogic Medicine & herbs
  • Hands on healing
  • Sensing and redirecting your energetic body
  • Deep breathing practices
  • How to heal your emotional pain
  • How to calm the mind
  • How to create a life you want, law of attraction
  • How to connect to your Divine Self
  • Self Care Technique
  • Clearings and healing of the energy body
  • Using love, forgiveness and truth for healing.
  • Self- Discovery practices
  • Mantras, and mudras to change your state and mood quickly.
  • Devotion to one self
  • Using your mind as a tool to change your life.
  • On your final class you we will have a ceremonial celebration, filled with deep bliss and blessings as you step into this new path for your life.  A soul gift will be provided as well just for you.

    Private Facebook group for on-going support through out the program

    Bonus 1: I will help you design your alters, and practice space at homeI will determine what elements you need most in your space based on what would support your soul healing.

    Bonus 2: A personal Ayurveda Soul assessment.  This assessment will determine where your energetic, mind and soul blocks are. I will then give you some practices to align so that you can feel your best again.

    Your investment: Early Bird Special until December is $425.00. After December 1st price goes up to $599.00. Do not miss out on the early bird special.

Over this 25 hours you will start to transform your life as well learn all the how's:

How to handle your emotions

How to overcome suffering & the day to day stress

How to use tantra meditation to stay calm and peaceful

How to setup your sacred space for your practice

How to create your soulful healthy life plan

How to use yogic medicine & rituals at home for yourself

How to live from your heart & soul

How to love your life fully even during difficult times

How to heal yourself, feel empowered and confident

How to get back up when life knocks you down

Meet your Guide

I am Corrina I am the founder of A Return to Soul helping others to walk the path less traveled this is the Path of Enlightenment. I am a certified hatha, kundalini yogi teacher.  I am also a certified meditation teacher and health coach.  I continue to deepen her studies and experiences studying Living Tantra.  I am also completing my Metaphysics Doctoral Degree. I am also is the creator of Awaken Yogini Living in the Light.


Most people who know me cannot believe how my life started out and that I went through everything I did.  I believe that gives them hope to know that anything is possible then.  

Dealing with trauma at a young age for years, I developed anxiety, migraine headaches and very low self-esteem along with other emotional challenges. I felt powerless in life.

I turned to God, and I made a promise that when I healed all my pain that I will serve those who were suffering and needed healing.  I would be the light for those who need it just like I did back then.

So, my journey started with exploring the sacred teachings of self-realization. I fell in love with the science of yoga, metaphysics, and energy healing which of course changed my life forever. Even though I came to yoga to heal my own wounds I found so much more and stepped fully now into the bliss of life.  I have witness first hand the miracles that unfold for you.

I find myself working with those who seek for deeper meaning in life, who want to heal. They are very open and ready to know them selves. They are brave they are warriors fighting to end the battle within themselves, with love. You will know if you are called at this time in your life, it is an immediate feeling of YES.

Clients share

Karen S- Corporate PM: I see Corrina privately.  It has proven to be the fastest and most practical work I've done to improve my wellness, my life and the happiness of those around me.  I recommend private time with Corrina; she quickly knows what area to focus on, using a variety of practices to achieve amazing results.  I have recommended her to friends and would continue to do so at every opportunity.

Mark - Manager at Car Dealership: Corrina has made me aware of feelings and emotions that do not serve me!  She has helped me to release these feelings and emotions and has shown me how to stop them from coming back and hurting me.  I’m getting back on my life’s path, not the path that others have put me on!  Corrina is truly a giver and healer on many levels!  With much hard work, Corrina has helped me to “free myself”. I’m truly blessed and grateful for having Corrina in my life! 

Paul K- Electrician:

A year ago, around this time I was in a failing marriage and falling into a depression.   Feeling like I was going nowhere and nothing could be done about it.
I started a class with Corrina for meditation for anxiety and trauma, it was a very different class, and I knew I was in the right place.  She went way deeper than just meditation.  She talked about higher consciousness and how we create our life. I started to become calmer and more at peace with my current situations in life...

Joanne F: Insurance Broker: I knew I need help but lacked to guidance or tools to move forward. After only six months I am focused and have already made changes that improved my life, and those in it.  Every day I am joyful, not unhappy.  I see the cup held full now.

Here is what I want for you, to smile again, to laugh again to feel empowered.
I want you to have the tools and practices to take control of your wellness, your heart and your live.
I want you to love your life and jump out of bed everyday with gratitude no matter what is going on for you.
I want you to trust yourself and love yourself enough to take this first step.
I want to show you how truly amazing you are.
I want you to have fun again and feel loved and cherished.