Level One Souler energy

In this workshop you will start to open the door a little more to the other side of connecting and returning to your soul.  We will be discovering where you are held back energetically, which shadow and archetype are holding you captive in this stage of your life.  You will free this within your self so you can move one step closer to your soul.  In doing this you will start to let your light within you get brighter and life starts to flow easier for you. As healers, light workers and spiritual teachers it is important for us to continue our practice as this helps us to hold the light for others to rise up to their sacred self.  In doing so we make the world a better place filled with love, harmony and unity.

  • We will be combining Kundalini Reiki, Soul Alchemy and Chakra shadows.
  • Self- discovery, fun group exercises, Shamanic and Yogic Rituals
  • Structure, theory, experiences, deep healing and evolving
  • You will earn your Soul Reiki Level 1 (This is different than traditionally Reiki)
  • You will learn how to incorporate all that you learn for your clients if you are a practitioner so they can get a deeper experience.
  • This is great to take home as a family tool for your children
  • This course is an -online course, with Live Calls, videos, practices and a face book group for support during your lessons.
  • This course will be 4 weeks in length with 1.5 hour Live calls and homework and practice in between.
  • Course begins September 5, 2017

Cost for this workshop is $325.00


Goddess Gathering

Goddess athering.jpg

Community, guidance, support, healing, laughter, certainty, fun, rituals, goddess yoga flow, kundalini meditations. and so much more.

Calling goddess, healers, yogis, holistic business owners, are you ready to deepen your gifts, let go of stress, and connect back to the goddess power within you?  I like to keep this group intimate so I am only accepting 10 women at a time to journey for they year with me.

Gathering as one heart, one consciousness to Rise up others and deepen into our soul and unite with Spirit. The intent of the goddess gatheringis to have a place to go deeper into your personal & spiritual journey, practice together, heal together and grow together. To often we never put the time aside for ourselves and we carry the struggles insides everyday. Each month we will explore a different theme to help you move past what is standing in your way of your peace, happiness and the life you love.

This is a commitment to yourself that you are ready and serious about growing personally & spiritually so you reach that desired state of constant love, and harmony in your life. You will reclaim your GODDESS powers it is time.

Each month will be a different goddess theme, from abundance, love and even oh ya chocolate rituals.

  • You will feel the power of many sending you loving energy. Very powerful experience.
  • Kundalini meditations, Soul Energy Rituals, Powerful Life Force practices, guided meditation, goddess dance flow and chanting sacred words.
  • A truly sacred place you can count on.
  • All applications will have a 15 minute call with me before we begin.
  • Once month you are invited for a half day goddess gathering in person with other goddess.
  • You also have two free yogic/shamanic healing or coaching seasons with me.
  • Monthly moon ritual calls to help you align emotionally and energetically, along with intuitive guidance.
  • BONUS: How to hold your own circles, and create your sadhana (practices) to fit your life style. As well how to create your own magic potions.