You go to bed and fall into the most peaceful sleep and feel grateful for your day and truly happy.

You go into your bedroom to get ready to sleep, you slip into something comfortable, but instead of taking all the emotions to bed with you and all that pain you decide to do something different tonight..

YOU sit on your bed, close your eyes and begin with a prayer, and you start to meditate and meet your emotions as an observer this time, not allowing them to control you, but just watching them.  You invite love to show up as you observe these emotions, as you allow yourself to fully feel them in this quiet moment, the emotions start to loose traction and disappear.  

YOU SMILE knowing that the years of hurt that you carried around in your heart is finally starting to heal. An overwhelming feeling of love starts to fill your heart and a happy tear leaks down your cheek. The pain that was there is now filled with love.

You go to bed relaxed and at peace finally after all these years.


I wanted to feel love and happy, I wanted to stop the struggles and the hurt.

I lived most of my life hiding and pushing away my emotions, stuffing them down my throat and never expressing them in a healthy way.

What I did not know at the time was it was actually ruining my life. 

I had no idea that I was hurting others from these old emotions that would get triggered. 

I would justify in my mind that it was there fault and not mine, they were being unreasonable.

Every time someone would push the wrong emotional button that made feel unworthy, insecure, my defenses would go up, I would feel anger, and all my hurt would come back again. 

It was exhausting it felt like the world was against me.

Even when someone would show me love, I was unsure how to receive it, it made me feel uncomfortable to bare my feelings.

I become the master at masking all those feelings.

I needed a deep emotional cleanse and healing. It was time to embrace these old emotional wounds that kept me captive from my life.


Why do an Emotional Cleanse

My intention for this spiritual training is for you to get intimate with your own emotions, to visit the emotions that have been sitting at the bottom of your heart and the stories in the back of the mind for years.

An emotional cleanse will not only make you feel better, feel happier, it will open the doors to your authentic self and authentic self experiences joy, bliss, peace, and attracts all the right wonderful things in your life. Living as your authentic self is like living with miracles everyday showing up for you.

It really comes down to two choices and what you decide to choose.  Before you may have not know you had a choice two to pick from. 

Choice one looks exactly like the way you are living today.  Let me shed some light on what is going on that you may not be aware of .You are using up a lot of energy towards repressing your emotions, burying the hurt way down deep inside to a point that you have forgotten about. The more you repress the heavier energetically it will feel for you.  Side effects are feel stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, not able to find true happiness, misaligned with your life, not finding love and depression.

The second choice takes work but he rewards in the end are much sweeter and sets you on your path to a Enchanted Life.  You use your energy now towards healing, feeling and releasing, so no more resisting but instead surrendering.

In this energy space of authentic self the mental thoughts, and emotional thoughts are healed, you see life from a different point of view.  The believes you once had and the emotions that charged them, change and change for good.  You transforms these negative mental thoughts and emotional pain that which sit a the layer of ego and you move up human evolution chain to the sweet spot within you. This is the place where the magic happens, where all that wish to happen that is good shows up here.

We cannot bypass the emotional cleanse, because if we could I would of myself, we need to deal with it, we need to heal it, we need to turn them into gifts for you to move into the sweet spot of yourself.

WOW, now imagine how your life would be?

This is not just a wish or a dream or a hope this can happen for you, it can and will happen if you want.  I know because I have gone through it myself using most of my life as a practice, as well as helping others move into their sweet spot and living from this space.  Living from this space is really hard to describe  except say.  HALLELUJAH, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, AWWWW and well the feelings are even more hard to describe except to say, I feels like complete love running through every part of your body, you are happy for no reason, you need nothing to complete you.  

When you are shoving your emotions away, you hurt yourself more, you cut yourself off from love, peace and joy.

When you do  not STOP and feel whats going on for you, you to start to project this hurt, pain and suffering out into your daily life and  that causes even more of you do not want. It also attracts more of what you do not want, because your energy is attracting the same.

When you stay stuck in this emotional cycle, it is almost impossible to reach your authentic self, you are living a the least of your capability.

My transforming method will help you cleanse your emotional pain and suffering, feel free, peaceful and joyful. It will change the way you see and live your life today.

When I started to feel my emotions fully in a healthy way instead of reacting and projecting them on others, my whole world change.

I truly felt like I was living in a whole new world.  It was like I was seeing color for the first time rather than just black and white.

There was a lightness that happened to me when I finally surrendered to allowing my self truly to feel all that I was holding in.  The tears exploded out of me and then turned into complete love.

I started to love and appreciate myself more for recognizing how strong I was to holding on all these years and I now I knew I did have to do this anymore.

I began to feel fully for the first time, and the love tap just opened inside of me.

I was able to see how others where holding on to their pain and hurt and I was now able to just be present as a safe space for them to experience their hurt in a healthy way.

Now that I felt this and knew it was possible to release these emotions, I created a process of personal growth healing, soul medicine and spiritual development that help me step even further into releasing and letting go of these toxic emotions.

This unique spiritual approach gets to the root of these emotions and the separation from your authentic self, your love, joy and happiness..

You will heal at a level where you no longer feel hurt, insecure, unworthy, afraid, ans struggle in life, instead you will flow with life in a much happier way.

You will become more aware of your emotions,  and intuitively step into your sweet spot within to comfort yourself, feel the emotion and release it quickly, and take the lesson along with you for good..

My method will walk you through this process step by step with clarity, bring a framework within you can work, while you are going through your transformation.  You will have me guiding you every step of the way.

And now introducing The Secrets to re-igniting your power within to live a miraculous life, a digital course

In this 4 week module on-line course you will experience this safe beautiful space where you will practice how to cleanse out the old emotions. I will be guiding you every step of the way along your journey in this course.  

This course is based on my own life experiences, and the start of a new book I am writing and the results that you will achieve.  This course will allow you to feel empowered and show you that you have everything you need to heal yourself, transform your life and live from your highest authentic self in the energy of love, joy and peace.  You will become your own healer, your own teacher and learn how to quickly cleanse these emotions that come up for you on a daily base.  I am honored to share my experiences with you and guide along your transformation journey.

When you take this course...

  1. You will begin to let go of anger, hurt, and heart ache.
  2. You will not feel guilty for feeling the bad feelings.
  3. You will learn how to navigate these feelings in a healthy way.
  4. You will learn to listen to yourself deeply and take action for what you need.
  5. Learn new personal growth practices you can use everyday
  6. Be part of a private facebook group if you choose for support and community.
  7. Have a 45 minute private soul medicine session with me.
  8. Have access to meditations, prayers, self healing energy techniques, kundalini yoga, and self-healing rituals


Let me support you

as you heal your emotions, let go of hurt, struggles, and re-ignite with your authentic self and finally experience more love, freedom, and joy. Gain direct access to the magic lying inside you.

You will love what this course has to offer you

If you take the time to go through this course you will feel the changes happening to you.  Even though you may still be in the same relationships, job and situations, they will be all new to you because you will see everything differently.  You are going to access a part of you that you have been disconnected from the part of you that has all the power beyond the physical human being.  You will access your SOUL Energy which is where all the magic happens, healing, transformation and awakening to live a better life.

Your Pre-Work, preparing you energetically 

When you are doing sacred work which you are. Sacred work is anything that heals you, transforms you and awakenings you. You  must have a space setup just for you to do this work.  In this video I will walk you through what you will need in your space so you feel safe, and have the quiet time that you need.

I will also be teaching you some practices to calm the body and mind in this module. If the body and mind are not calm it will be harder for you to access the emotions.  

Module 1- Cleansing the illuminous body

In this module you will experience the release within your body and energy field that these emotions have caused you. We will be clearing away the emotional imprints and physical effects.  You will be guided through a deep state of relaxation to fully allow the healing to happen.  You will also witness your three fears that have caused you to repress your emotions and change the stories that are attached to them so you can fully be free from them. You will learn how to extract these toxic emotions every time they arise.

Module 2 - Embrace your Shadows & Cutting the Cords 

In this module you will witness your shadows and embrace the gifts fully.  As these shadows go to light the way you interact with life will change, your relationships to others and yourself.  You will finally see yourself for the first time and feel your natural state of love.  You will start to see the illusions that were created in order to keep you safe and you will say good bye to them. We will identify where the wounds are residing in your body and release it to bring balance back.

Module 3 -Soul Retrieval- Calling back the soul pieces

In this module we journey together to discuss the secrets you have been keeping from yourself buried deep away in order to protect yourself. We will cleanse the energy that is supporting these secrets. You will shed the limitings roles that have been limiting your life from happiness. We will reclaim the wounded pieces of your soul to integrate back into ourselves.

Module 4 - Love as your Compass

In this module we set the forward intention to life a Enchanted Life, learn how to use Love as your Compass.  You will sign a sacred contract with yourself from this day forward sealed in your heart.  I will also provide you energy practices at home, self-ceremonies to keep you grounded in love and how to use love to allow the emotions to flow through you.