Everything you need to live a life you love, feel inspired and continue your spiritual practice to awakening.





Let me help you to connect deeper to your spiritual divine self that feels easy and fits in your life.  You will soon long to take time for yourself so you can emerge refreshed, full of gratitude and tons of love. 

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Feel inspired to stay with your spiritual practice, learn to manifest your desired life, and feel happy.  As a spiritual practitioner who has been on this journey for over 15 years these tools and inspiration has saved me many times.  This was a way to commit to myself that I wanted to live a life where I felt happy, was emotionally well and fully connected to my spirit.  These tools have helped me through the toughest times in my life and come out even better.  I offer the same to those who are serious seekers and want to offer yourself this empowerment and stop the suffering, and the tough ups and downs in your life.  Sat Nam Spiritual Seekers.


Monthly Divine Coaching

Every month there will be one live call and I will be covering off Life Mastery topics that you are interested in.  Each call goes fro 60 minutes along with the recorded call.

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Meditations & Mantras

Every month you will receive a new meditation and mantra to work with.  I will be sharing meditations for all levels from beginners to advance teachings of awakening. 


Home Rituals

Learn how to create divine rituals for yourself.  Each month I will be sharing a new ritual such as moon, spiritual, fire ceremony and self energy rituals


Discount on workshops

As part of the Spiritual Seekers Society you will receive discounts on my retreats and workshops and on line classes.  You also start to become of a society where you are gathered with life minded Spirits.


Weekly e-mails

Feel inspired as you receive weekly e-mails from me guiding you on your journey of wellness and spiritual awakening

Be the peace, happiness and Divine self you want to be