Join me monthly for On-Line Rituals

In this community we are a tribe of spiritual healers, yogis, practicing and transcending to our Highest Self our Soul Self.  You will learn about the rituals based around the Science of Spirit( Astrology) understanding how to bring your soul forward and break down the Psychic Energy walls. You will learn about the Moon ( Mother) and the Father ( Sun).

falling into sacred space.jpg

 Falling into sacred sapce September Circle

Staring in September.

Virtual Space of Love will be held for you along with other like hearted souls. Each month I will bring a different theme to uplift and assist you with a return to your Soul.  Be who you are not who you are told to be.


Private  Consultation for Emotional support


Return back to wholeness, heal and clear your heart from the past and flourish in love in the right now. Release the held suffering within you.

Sometimes words are not enough and cannot be expressed, but the body and soul can tell the story and be healed.  This level of healing, heals at the deepest level from trauma.



women of light 

Deepening and expanding your light within, experiencing your self as was intended. You have healed and now you are on your journey to heal deeper and help those around you to heal. Spirit practices to journey deeper in the depth of your Spirit and pull awaken your Spirit gifts, heal, self discovery and radiate.  Emerge with your light shining brighter knowing with certainty why you are here and how you can serve.