Find Your Purpose

Did you know that you have a greater purpose?  Everyone does but most never find it.  You may have achieved everything you wanted but something is missing.  Or, you are lost and looking for a deeper meaning to your life.  A question we eventually get to in our lives, "Is this the best that I can be, did I lose something along the way inside me, a dream, a passion, a taste for life?"  What is your Soul's calling?  

What if I was meant to do more in this life, be something different?

What if you had a way to see what your soul was meant to be and do here on earth?

Would you want to see your real purpose and receive the map of your life?

What if you had clear insight and a second chance to follow your Soul's desires, passions and bring it life?  Would you?

In this reading based on your Soul Records, you see your Life Path clearly. You will understand your ego-personality and what habitual life patterns are holding you down and how you can free yourself up to align to your Soul.

Without this very IMPORTANT awareness combined with emotional and mental shifts, you will remain unclear and continue to have these questions of life without any answers. These are the lower energies that separate you from your Soul and your Soul's direction. 

You will be taking a journey into your soul where I will be revealing to you everything about your Soul.  You will walk away knowing if you are aligned to your Soul gifts, understand what your energy essences of your Soul are so you can bring more abundance into your life.   You will gain insight to the nasty blocks and restrictions holding you back and holding your down, and you will understand what directions to take in your Life Path.  Get answers you have been looking for about your life.

Consider this your navigational life path system where you get the map to where you want to go. The only way to know where you are going and what is best for you is to understand everything about YOU.

What to expect with our time together.  We will meet virtually, and I reveal the reading to you, we will need 60 minutes to share and allow you time to ask your questions. Once completed I will e-mail the recording of the reading, as well prepare some practices for you to move past the blocks and restrictions.

Included is one follow up Soulful Life Coaching 50-minute session.  In this session, we will get clear on how to let go of the blocks and restrictions and map out a couple of steps for you to get started and living the life you were meant to.

Clients say

When I considered a Soul record reading I wasn't sure what to expect, but having fully surrendered into the experience, I can easily say it was one of the clearest articulations of the essence of me and my life path.  I learned my basic blueprint including what motivates me, what causes me to fall or feel frustrated or blocked, what my tribe looks like and what significant milestones, past and future, shape my life path.  I now understand the foundation upon which my life is built and it has made my decision making very clear in terms of selecting the best opportunities for me.

The reading was complete and touched all aspects of my life and every word felt clarifying, nurturing, supportive and insightful.  Thank you for sharing your amazing gift Corrina!  

I also now know how to adjust my experiences to avoid the patterns that trip me up.