Are you looking to deepen your own spiritual practice?

Are you ready to deepen your intuition skills?

Do you sometimes feel alone on your spiritual journey?

Are you willing to dedicate this time to yourself and dive in?

This offering is for you then.


Your sacred space - Spirit Medicine

Full day, and weekend immersions, Awakening, enlightenment

One on one mentoring to deepen your intuition skills, feel empowered with shamanic-self energy practices, and be guided to reveal your shadows to use for good and grace. Learn the art of sacred rituals for yourself anywhere.

Start when you are ready.

You have the Divine Power within you already.  It is your birthright to access and live from this space all the time. Ready to be further awakened?

Calling all souls who are hearing that inner whisper and that tugging inside for something more.

Are you looking to deepen your own spiritual practice and learn about the ancient teachings so you can life from your Spirit, love, happiness, joy, ease and abundance.

Why do we spiritual lovers want to deepen our own experience?  We have felt and know that there is so much more, we can feel lighter, feel more aligned to our real selves, it is easier to live from a state of who we really rather than a state of who we are not.  As you become more enlightened you feel more love within you, you feel a sense of bliss, a sense of knowing, you life from the state of your SPIRT and not the programs running in the back of your sub- conscious mind. You see the truth and let go of the false truth you have been telling yourself to survive suffering. 

You co-create and manifest with Divine from purity.

This will be a very spiritual day of awakening and enlightenment for you, as you learn your heal as you heal your learn and this is self-realization and enlightenment.

Included in these one day immersions we start where you are.  You are the receiver, the healer, the one being healed, the student, and your own  teacher.

  • You will learn to deepen your intuition skills and learn to understand what it means for yourself and others.
  • Shamanic teachings of the 4 ways of self-realization, South, West, East, North ( longer than 1 day immersion)
  • Innergetic Meditations
  • Be guided to see your shadows and turn them into gifts to deepen your awakening experience
  • Purify your sub-conscious mind so you align to your Spirt
  • Shamanic Energy Practices - hands on, illumination, soul retrieval, soul destiny, energetic surgery.
  • Self Energy Healing for Empowerment

It includes:

Full day, or weekends immersions

Access to me for 3 months via e-mails

Private face book group for sharing

On-line meditations to guide you when I am not with you.

A sacred space for you to heal, expand and grow your master piece.

 If this speaks to you and you are ready reach out to me at or call me directly at 647-338-4584 to discuss your Soul Unity mentoring program. Pricing is based on our customized for you personally.  



Learn Shamanic Healing

Understand how to use these ancient spiritual tools for healing all parts of your life, relationships, health, career.  As you learn these powerful healing tools, you will understand how to clear and upgrade your