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Welcome to Reawakening Membership Site.

Every month we will be working with a different theme and each month you will see the miracles come through for you.  Each month you will remember her, the one you put away, shelved the one you have forgotten, the one who was wounded, the one you ignored so you could survive in the world.

Every month we will meet live as a group for 45 minutes to discuss our progress ask any questions and encourage each other to keep to Arise to love. 

You will receive an e-mail with date and times  every month we meet. If you cannot make it no worries I will record the call for you listen after.

I look forward to sharing our souls together along this journey. I look forward to you accessing your superconsciousness and unleashing your highest empowered self.

Sat Nam


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Join the Community of ReAwaking Miracle Members over in the private facebook group.  Click the image and be taken directly there.

Feel free to share your experiences and introduce yourself to each other.  As well I will be sharing inspiration with you and checking in to see how everyone is doing. 

I love connecting with my community and allowing each of us to share helps us all to Arise up even more.