Each month you will receive blooming teachings, tips and spiritual practices to take into your everyday life. This is a full on self care membership for the mind, body and soul. Each month we will plant seeds of LOVE, ALIVENESS, JOY. Cleanse emotional toxins so you can be truly radiate, be happy and life a wonderful life. Living a Enchanted life is full of miracles and wonderful surprises everyday.

Feel the difference in your body, your energy levels, your attitude, your moods everyday.  What you focus on is what you get more of.  Focus on happiness, love and wellness and see the miracles start to appear.

Each month you will receive an e-mail filled with inspiration, tips, and healing  for yourself.  Each month will include the following:

  • Meditation 
  • Self-Care Rituals using flower essences and herbs
  • Self-Energy Healing techniques
  • Movement
  • Self Reflection exercises to transform the mind, and spirit 

This is a sacred contract to yourself to feel more empowered and know you are the healer in your life, everything is but a choose away.