Workshop Description

This is a journey moving from deeper healing to transcending and AWAKENING. Learn the four ways of awakening through the Yogi & Shamanic traditions. Experience the way of love where we explore your SPIRIT. Together we heal our woulds, reprogram the mystic maps of our mind, tracking the shadow teachers.

Explore your SPIRT senses, tap into your soul intelligence while we pause the ego intelligence.   

Every morning we will start with a Kundalini Meditation and 20 min Kriya set, along with chanting.  We will end with chanting. Bringing us in a state of bliss, happiness and one society. 

Weekend Workshop -January

Rituals & Tools

Prepare your tools for your awakening  using gemstones, sages, oils, oracle cards.

Experience fire rituals for letting go and moving forward.

Essential oil self rituals

Self-Awakening & Healing Rituals

Chanting, Mantra

Intuition and  Self Illumination

Here you will upgrade the many layers of your energy body and heal emotional wounds, releasing the past of suffering and illuminating the chakras which will bring health to your nervous and endocrine system.  Learn to tap into your intuition and track the energy in the invisible world within. Learn to release toxic emotions from trauma. You will learn to tap into sense beyond your 5 senses and start to track your energy bodies and heal and transcend. Practices include Pranyama - breathe work, alchemy and journeying.



Your Shadow Teacher

Your Shadows hold the answers to your freedom if you are aware of them, and use them correctly. You will experience how to track your own shadows and use them for awakening. Meditation & Journeying will be part of our practice

Waking up the Goddess in you

Working with Divine Goddess Energy we will be invoking courage, compassion, freedom, warrior, and beauty.  Our practices will include movement, coca ceremony, chanting, and mudra's.

This is a playful energy where you let go of everything if even for an hour.