The Real Purpose of Life and How to get the answers

The Real Purpose of Life and how to get the answers

Lately, everyone is asking what is my purpose, WHO am I, what am I suppose to do with my life, is this it? This is a question that has been asked for years.

You are you and the answer is pure Love. We ask these questions when we forget who we really are.  We become confused in a way, thinking we need to be someone else, do what someone else is doing to be successful and follow the crowd, this is where we get lost.  We leave our real self behind.

Yes, while you are here in this body and Spirit on this earth this is the one life you have.  WHO can choose who you want to be, and how you choose to feel. You can choose to stay connected to your spirit and be guided by universe/GOD.  When you do this, you can tap into your INNER world of self-knowledge the real you.

This place inside of you is like a blueprint and it can guide you along the way here on earth.  It supports you, loves you, and wants you to enjoy life not struggle. You are basically dialing into your soul that knows your purpose and why you are here.

You can choose to not to dial into the INNER world and feel conflicted and continue to ask yourself who am I, is this it? It will feel like you are separated from your power source like your dial is in between stations. It is in between the stations where we feel lonely, confused, stressed anxious and pushing against the world.

It is also a good place if you bring awareness along with you then you can start exploring your inner world.

I believe we have some common purpose here on earth:

•    Be grateful for what you have every day.
•    Be kind to one another, uplift spirits do not put them down.
•    Serve others.
•    Live from your heart of love, regardless what you do.
•    Be the Light and example for others and yourself.
•    Always lend a helping hand.
•    Be responsible for your emotions and vibrations, turn them towards love in your heart.

You can dial into your Inner world by closing your eyes, become aware of you breathe and sit in silence for 5 to 10 minutes.  Allow whatever to come up to come up.  Your heart will start sending you messages about the direction of your life. Become aware of how you are feeling and ask, what do I need?

There is a magical world within you that can create miracles, providing your real purpose of life.

I hope you enjoyed this article if so spread the love around to your friends and family.

Love and Light