Corrina is the founder of Rock your Soul helping others to walk the path less travelled this is the Path of Enlightenment.

Most people who know me cannot believe how my life started out and that I went through everything I did.  I believe that gives them hope to know that anything is possible then.  

Dealing with trauma at a young age for years, I developed anxiety, migraine headaches and very low self-esteem along with other emotional challenges. I felt powerless in life.

I turned to God, and I made a promise that when I heal all my pain that I will serve those who were suffering and needed healing.  I would be the light for those who need it just like I did back then.

And now I am doing exactly that.

So my journey started with exploring the sacred teachings of self-realization. I fell in love with the science of yoga, metaphysics, and energy healing which of course changed my life forever.

Now I stand before you as a transformational leader,Yoga Healer teacher, soul coach and healer, leading every soul back to wholeness and evolution into the soul.

I am completing my Doctoral in Metaphysical Medicine, and certified as a Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Health Consultant, Meditation and Energy Healer.  She has studied with top teachers and have received her rites as a Shaman and has healed many from their own shadows and has tracked the root cause of their suffering, allowing them to enjoy their life with grace and love.

Remembering I am a Shaman has allowed me to fully serve others on their journey of healing, transforming and Awaken


There are many ways to connect back to your Spirit and know it all leads back to the same place.  The journey that my Spirit finally pointed me to was the way of the Shaman.  These deep healings are so powerful and beautiful and I am humbled that this is my calling to help others Awaken to their Spirit and heal their deepest wounds and expand within their own beautiful light.

Corrina teaches workshops and runs retreats around living fully present and deepening your connection to your Soul and light and the practice of conscious wellness. I run signature programs such as The Path of Enlightenment, and Transformational Leadership. She also does private therapy sessions. She has taught at schools on the importance of listening to your own inner guidance, building confidence, joy and non judgment towards others.


I have used Yoga as a Spiritual Practice to connect to a deeper part of me which lead me to my true purpose in life.. the Shaman Healer

She writes for Curejoy, Thrive and soon Yogitimes. She writes about the journey within, how to use yoga for therapy to heal almost anything, the importance of self care, and tips for parents to engage their children in meditation practices early to help build self-confidence.  Also she covers topics around self-mastery and living a live in love and beyond what the eyes see.

I work with healers, coaches, yogis, spiritual teachers, groups, children and individuals to educate and inspire towards their inner light.  Let me guide you to "Shine your Inner Light."