Before you knew it you were on your healing/spiritual journey. You have signed up all the latest and greatness spiritual courses ,healing arts programs, yoga program and gobbled up all the self-help books.

Yet you are left still feeling empty like something is missing. It is like an itch inside that you cannot scratch.  

Even though you have moved one step closer to something you are seeking. Yet it leaves you feeling frustrated with yourself, and at times it even brings you to tears, and a deep cry.  It is in these moments that I notice the tools would get me through to feel better, but not really help me understand myself and why I was crying, or why I was still not feeling healed or further ahead with all my spiritual practices. I also realized I was relying on tools to heal me, instead of turning to my Soul.

I wondered why I could not move through the lows quicker, and why the change was not coming that I wanted?  Then I decided to stop it all, take a spiritual cleanse and celebrate all that I have done so far.

Celebrate you now


Firstly you should stop reading this for one minute and let this sink in... Celebrate where you are today, really sit back for a moment and celebrate all the work you have done on your personal journey.  All of it was perfect the way it was


if you are at the point now where you are seeking clarity of your purpose in life,deep healing, and more than anything want to connect with your higher self your SOUL so you can finally feel like you, feel whole and have a practice that feels good to you.

You are in the right place at the right time right now, because this is not another program or course this is about you and the tools and lessons that are in you.  The course is YOU.  No course or program can give you the answers or heal you completely.  They help and let me tell you they help, but what I have realized is that it has to come from me. 

As I guide you into your spiritual and ego blind spots you will be able to pinpoint the secrets that you are keeping from yourself that you have forgotten. Some of these secrets will open the door to your liberation. 

This process is about trusting yourself completely now and connecting to your soul to hear what your soul wants to tell you.  Through my spiritual journey I have learnt that it is knowing yourself deeply that true healing comes and hence you transform. 

You will learn to access this part of yourself and listen with love and acceptance, you will be tapping into your own knowing and wisdom.  You will learn to become your own healer, to move in and out of moments when you feel stuck.  The more you listen and connect with your soul it will be revealed to you what to do, what rituals YOUR Soul creates.  

Based on my own work, I have created rituals, spiritual practices that are not in any books, but the book of my soul.  You also have this ability and when you tap into this source you shift everything.  

This is how Soul Ignite works it is not an overnight solution and I know you know that. 

This process is about trusting yourself completely now and love all of yourself no part of you is not worthy of love.  

If you would like to connect for a 20 minute get to know each session you can contact me directly