Re-igniting the soul power within


This is not for the faint of heart retreat. For those who have longed to connect with something deeper within them selves here this call to come connect to your soul. 

The Soul is your Sacred place

The Soul is You being You

The Soul is the holiest of places you will ever find in the world

The Soul is the healer

The lover

The Guru

The Teacher

The Soul is YOU

This retreat is about exploring you, I will be guiding you, but your SOUL is the teacher here. Yes we will engage in dancing with our soul, movement, and exploring every corner of your soul, learning how to connect to the VOICE of your SOUL.  Each retreat is different and unique for the women attending.

The Soul Ignite Retreat will get messy at times, it will feel heavy, but it will also be relaxing and fun.  In order to truly live here on earth connected to your soul and your divine being we have to go through the dark woods. We have to let go of what we think we believe in order to be fully open to reconnect with your soul.  Your soul is the teacher and has no believe system, it just knows Love, Peace, Bliss, Darkness, and Hell. It is with you all the time and knows the direction to take you, in order for you to fully become human here on earth.

I understand if this seems to hard for you to take on, in fact if I knew what it took I might of not taken the journey, but then again, I would not be fully living today. 

Filling yourself up with everything outside of you will not bring you closer to your SOUL

I know I have tried everything

Give up the outside search and journey deep within yourself

All the answers, all the false truth that is blocking you from your truth will be revealed to you

You can finally stop searching and understand that you are all of that

Party Crasher Alert = Ego

The ego will try to take over while you are here, but do not worry I have some trick up sleeves to talk to this ego and let it know it take a rest for the weekend we are together.

Once you Re-Ignite the Power within you through your soul, oh your life is going to change in so many ways.

Having access to this power within you all the time is truly a Divine Miracle

Once you re-ignite your SOUL POWER, you will begin to feel happier, more like yourself, more at peace, and truly enjoy being fully human here and now.

By application only.. I would suggest you put away all your reading material on spirituality and self help a week before coming to the retreat.  We are going to empty ourselves completely and not show up based on what we learnt in books or who we think we should be.  The hardest part of this retreat is JUST BEING YOU.

Send me an e-mail at and let me know WHY you would like to come to this retreat.  Share with me your journey so far and if it is a fit I will send you all the details.