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Corrina Choe

aka mamma miracles. I hold Womens's Garden Gatherings ceremonies, miracle readings, healing and soul ignite sessions.  I have integrated over 17 years of wisdom in the healing arts blending a variety of ancient teachings together.  After each miracle reading, and soul ignite sessions I recommend self-rituals and ceremonies that include beautiful flowers, crystals, herbs and oils for a bath, as well as fire rituals, and water rituals. Follow me at @Mammamiracles of facebook and mammamiracles on instagram.


I offer no course expect the course of guiding you back to your own healing ability, your own knowing of what needs to be healed.

I work with you to trust yourself, to understand that you are the course, the healing and personal growth comes from within, and that is what I lead you to for your liberation.  I help you connect back to your wisdom from Spirit & Soul.